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She made people feel so comfortable in her presence and every one of my friends was always welcome in our home. I’ve learned everything from this woman about what it means to be human, the importance of sticking by family
— Eric Conner
We were so happy when Michael brought Eileen to Wilmington. She was a delightful person, and she and Michael were a delightful couple.
— Lenore and Ed Tocker
She was so smart, supportive, unfailingly kind, and so positive. When I passed the bar, she bought me a beautiful Oxblood color leather legal pad cover and had them put initials on it. To this day, I go into every meeting with that stylish accessory. How did she know it would give me such confidence and support? It was perfect, just like her friendship. Rest in peace sweet friend. I hope all of your dogs are in heaven to greet you and I hope you voted before you left.
— Denise Nordheimer
She was creative with a keen aesthetic. Many have been able to enjoy her creations and I’ve en- joyed viewing our fun collections as well.
— Alan Karben
Eileen was determined to get things done, no matter what it took to do, and she succeeded.
— Harriet Jacobs

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