Welcome to TIME FOR MY STORY –
A Journey of Remembrance and Legacy

I am Michael Brooke, and I live in Thornhill, Ontario. As a celebrated best-selling author and a veteran in the publishing realm, I’ve dedicated over twenty-five years to weaving tales and capturing life’s rich tapestry through words and images.

A Transition Fueled by Passion and Purpose
In the spring of 2018, a pivotal shift occurred. I embarked on a new voyage, transitioning from the vibrant world of publishing to the solemn, reflective role of a funeral director’s assistant. This decision, though seemingly unconventional, was a natural progression of my life’s work. My years volunteering at retirement homes and hospices had already ignited a deep fascination with the narratives of lives well-lived.

The Birth of ‘Time For My Story’
It was during these reflective moments amidst eulogies and tributes that a question lingered: What becomes of these rich, personal histories once their storytellers depart? Combining my interviewing prowess, writing finesse, and publishing expertise, the idea for ‘Time For My Story’ began to take root.

Driven by a desire to intertwine the art of storytelling with the essence of memorialization, we at ‘Time For My Story’ ensure a heartfelt, efficient process from the first interview to the final printed tribute.

Reuniting with Mark Tzerelshtein – A Synergistic Partnership
In the fall of 2021, my path reconverged with that of Mark Tzerelshtein, a trusted colleague and design expert. Together, we’ve transformed thousands of pages into literary tapestries. Our reunion for ‘Time For My Story’ marks not just a collaboration but a celebration of shared vision and commitment.

Your Invitation to a Legacy
Our aspiration? To craft bespoke, beautifully designed publications that become cherished heirlooms, treasured by families and friends for generations. Join us in this endeavour to immortalize the stories that shape our lives.

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If you are a non-profit or charitable organization and you’d like to know more about how we can help,
please email us directly at mbrooke@timeformystory.com

meet the team

Michael Brooke

Founder/Preserver of Memories

Mark Tzerelshtein

Art director/Designer

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