We understand the power of stories and the comfort they bring during moments of remembrance. Our heartfelt service captures the essence of your loved one’s journey by weaving together the beautiful tapestry of stories shared by family and friends.

What We Offer

We ensure that stories and memories are carefully collected and thoughtfully preserved.

Our skilled storytellers transform anecdotes into heartfelt narratives, creating a lasting tribute that resonates with the uniqueness of your loved one.

From beautifully crafted printed booklets to digital presentations, we provide keepsakes that honour and celebrate the life of your cherished one.

Whether it’s an end-of-life celebration, wake, reception, shiva or any gathering of loved ones, Memory Scribe seamlessly integrates into the event, allowing everyone to contribute to a collective, uplifting narrative.

How It Works

  • Consultation

    Our empathetic team consults with you to understand your vision, ensuring a tailor-made experience that captures the spirit of your loved one.

  • Story Gathering

    We provide a platform for family and friends to share their cherished memories, creating a reservoir of stories that reflect the rich tapestry of a life well-lived.

  • Storytelling Magic

    Our skilled storytellers weave these memories into a touching narrative, preserving the essence of your loved one's legacy.

  • Beautiful Keepsakes

    Receive beautifully crafted keepsakes that encapsulate your beloved's love, laughter, and enduring spirit.

Memory Scribe is more than a service; it’s a tribute, a celebration, and a timeless gift to cherish for generations.

Contact us today to explore how we can help you create a meaningful and lasting legacy for your loved one. 

Let MemoryScribe be the bridge that connects hearts through the power of shared stories.


$ 250 per hour
  • This includes interviews, writing and
    all layout of stories into a digital publication.
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