time for my PET'S STORY

celebrating the life of your pet

Life is filled with so many incredible moments with our pets. We all have numerous stories and photos that remind us of this special bond. But quite often, memories and stories fade with time. Everyday, people pull out their phones and take billions of photos. Sadly, many of these images disappear after just a short while. Time For My Story is here to document your memories of your pet in both photos and words within a beautiful printed publication.

Whether you wish to create a tribute, celebrating the life and times of your pet or wish to mark a specific event or milestone, we are here to create a very special publication. We know you’ll be proud to share it with family and friends.


Our clients are interviewed in one hour blocks. From here, a 2,500 word story is produced. Up to 25 photos can be submitted and design begins immediately. Within a few days, you will receive layouts. Once approved, printing commences. You can repeat this process for each event or celebration you wish to capture. You can share your digital publication online or give a printed full colour copy.

Creating a memoir or story about time spent with your pet is more than just paper with some coloured toner. It’s about capturing the joy and wonderful companionship your pet has brought to you and your loved ones. 

Click on the picture below to check out a beautiful memory book “Nell” by Jennifer Westaway.


If you’d like to find out more about what Time for My Story please email mbrooke@timeformystory.com or text us at 437-888-9137.

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