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There are literally thousands of speakers presenting to audiences every day. Time for My Idea is an important tool that can help the speakers market themselves in this hyper competitive field. Furthermore, it can engage audiences in a dynamic way that can lead to more exposure of their ideas along with increased bookings and sales.

As a potential guest-speaker you are tasked to come up with ways to get people interested in booking them for a presentation. You may have written a book based on your research or experiences. But very few producers have time to review or research an entire book.

If you do catch the interest of a speaker’s bureau or media outlet, you are going to be competing with dozens, if not hundreds of people. How you differentiate yourself determines how successful you will be. 


Time for My Idea harnesses the power of our combined 50 years publishing experience. We create unique marketing tools for authors and those with an idea they want promoted.

As a potential guest speaker, you are eager to share your work and ideas. 

But there are a number of crucial steps before you present your topic and what happens after the event. Prior to a booking, it is vital that you engage decision-makers with a powerful marketing tool to ensure you get the speaking engagement. Equally as important is providing your audience with something that keeps them connected to you after your presentation.


Here’s a scenario that is repeated daily. A speaker gets a gig and she delivers an awesome presentation. There are 250 people who are completely thrilled with what has been presented – and they applaud widely at the end of the presentation. In short, the message has really resonated.

Despite all this enthusiasm, only a handful of people have expressed interest in buying the speaker’s book. Some shuffle up to say hello but most people want a selfie. It’s not just a $35 investment for the book, it’s the investment in time that people are wary of. To make matters worse, the speaker has failed to capitalize on the immediate reaction – she’s missed an opportunity to develop a relationship with these audience members by offering them a tangible sample of her message.


We take the book or presentation that a speaker has created and repurposes it into an impactful digital file and beyond. As a PDF, it contains not just a sample of the speaker’s words and images, but a highly creative, easy to read and powerful sales and marketing tool.

The PDF can be used to pitch organizations looking to book speakers. It can be used to pitch media on stories that are timely. After a presentation, the speaker can offer a complimentary copy of the PDF to anyone who requests one via email. 

The PDF acts as a bridge between the people who are booking speakers and whets their appetite. It doesn’t give the entire story away – it’s not the full presentation or book. It also acts as a “bridge” to those people who are interested in sharing what they’ve just learned with others. It is the very act of going through the PDF with friends and family that reinforces the message of the speaker. In turn, this has the potential of getting further speaking engagements along with increased book sales.


Time for My Story will work directly with you and create a customized PDF that powerfully showcases your work. Time with Michael and design are included in this price:

$ 995
  • Up to a 45 minute interview with you to discuss your core idea and message
  • Creation of a compelling 1,500 - 2,000 word overview of your book or idea
  • An 8 page full colour publication
  • 25 copies on glossy paper


If you’d like to find out more about what Time for My Idea can do to raise your profile, please email mbrooke@timeformystory.com or text us at 437-888-9137.

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